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Type Theory Resources for the Layprogrammer

Over the last few years, I’ve tried getting into type theory. I even thought I would apply to Ph.D. programs for a while. I ultimately didn’t, and while I was figuring that out I spent a lot of time struggling to grasp what type theory actually is. Even once I had some kind of clue, I struggled a lot with jargon, new symbols, and learning some useful background knowledge. About that last point: I realize one might not need to know set theory to understand type theory, but I found it useful. It was a lot easier for me to understand covariance and contravariance by looking at Venn diagrams than by reading the Wikipedia page.

The below (very incomplete) list of “resources” should hopefully help someone get started on their way to going from programming in Python to knowing what type theory is, like I did. If you find that any of this is incorrect, well, that probably means you’re past the need for this kind of post. If you have ideas for things to add, please reach out!


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Written April 2, 2022. Send feedback to @soryrawyer.

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